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Low-Medium Force Range

These small, air-cooled electrodynamic shakers are suitable for vibration testing of small to medium sized payloads.

More powerful than our permanent magnet electrodynamic shakers, these air-cooled shakers are ideal for vibration testing of small automotive components and electronic assemblies. Utilising LDS’s unique suspension system with rolling-strut and flexure to ensure excellent cross axis restraint, these proven vibration tables provide cost-effective product qualification and instrument calibration.


Air-cooled, electrodynamic shakers used in conjunction with an LDS PA500L, PA1000L amplifier or HPA-K digital switching amplifier.
Solid trunnion mounting is standard.
Armature diameters range from 100mm to 335mm.
Interchangeable armatures on the V790 extend diameter from 185mm to 335mm for testing large or multiple payloads.
Useful frequency range for vibration control from d.c. to 6300 Hz.
Vibration tables suitable for sine force ratings up to 6.67 kN (1500 lbf).
The V721and V780 can be supplied with an oil film slip table mounted on a ‘combo’ base assembly for 3-axis vibration testing.