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DPA-K Switching 

DPA-K Switching Power Amplifiers – Efficient Power from 70 to 280 kVA

Designed for use with water-cooled electrodynamic shakers, DPA-K amplifiers offer a maximum power output of 280kVA, providing optimum performance for your vibration test system and featuring economy mode and low harmonic distortion.


Power range of 70 – 280 kVA
High-end amplifiers designed for use with LDS water-cooled shakers (V964, V984 and V994)
Current sharing capability better than 1% allows multiple units to be connected in parallel with no risk of failure even under shock conditions.
Delivers greater than 90% efficiency
Peak current rating of 3-sigma meets ISO standards
Distortion less than 0.5% at full power.
Proven in multi-shaker applications.

PA 500L – PA 1000L Linear Power Amplifiers


PA500L – PA1000L Linear Amplifiers – Low Noise and Distortion Performance

Compact standalone amplifiers designed to support LDS vibration test systems, use both permanent magnet shakers and also small electrodynamic shakers. Both are used with a separate field power supply.

The PA500L and PA1000L amplifiers are linear amplifiers with very low noise and distortion performance.


Compact stand-alone amplifiers designed to support LDS permanent magnet shakers and LDS small electro-dynamic shakers, when used with a separate field power supply (FPS 10L)
Latest MOSFET technology used in linear mode eliminates saturation effects
Cost effective, light duty testing with excellent random performance
Unconditionally stable irrespective of load
True RMS metering with over-current protection
Full range of system interlock circuits
Remote control facilities


Replacement Amplifiers

The standard SPA-K range of power amplifiers can be used to power legacy LDS and third party shakers and include a unique remote control capability, allowing the user to control the amplifier from a PC.


Perfectly matched to your current LDS shaker – no loss of performance and no compatibility risks
NEW! Now includes LDS’ unique remote control software.
Remote on/off control
Remote monitoring including display of interlocks, and voltage and current for armature and field coils
Editing and storage of amplifier settings
Communicates with Dactron Laser Controller
Optional additional emergency stop
Utilises same power modules and architecture as current LDS production amplifiers
Proven design and reliability
Latest power efficient technology using IGBT semiconductors(>93% efficiency)
3-Sigma peak current rating to ISO Standards
Compatible with 3rd party shakers
Extensive experience of supply
In-house engineering team will ensure a perfect solution even if a standard is not available.

As market leaders in vibration testing, LDS has the knowledge and expertise in meeting all sorts of demands. Supplying replacement products is an important part of the service we offer our customers. Whether it’s replacing obsolete equipment or helping customers who are using third party system components, we are happy to offer replacement parts or deal with service issues.

The SPA-K range of power amplifiers has been designed with our legacy products in mind. The amplifiers are intended to be straightforward replacements for older air-cooled shaker systems, and have proven successful on customers’ sites around the world.

SPA-K & HPA-K Switching


SPA-K & HPA-K Switching Power Amplifiers – 8 to 56 kVA Amplifiers for Air-Cooled Shakers

The HPA-K amplifier is designed for use with V650 and V780 electrodynamic shakers.

SPA-K amplifiers, available for LDS air-cooled vibration test systems from the V830 to the V8, have integral field power and blower power supplies. Featuring an economy mode and low harmonic distortion, they utilise the latest high frequency switching module from LDS. SPA-K amplifiers can be controlled either locally from a control panel with LCD display, or remotely from other vibration test equipment including the LDS-Dactron vibration controller.

We have even designed it so you can start-up, monitor the output power and interlocks, and shutdown the amplifier from the same operator PC workstation that hosts the vibration controller.


SPA-K Amplifiers

Micro-processor control unit and LCD function display provides simple setup and fast troubleshooting
Amplifier Controller Software coordinates power amplifier and vibration controller operation from the same PC
Peak current rating of 3-sigma meets ISO standards
Distortion less than 0.15% at full power
Variable field control achieves optimum power consumption and harmonic distortion

HPA-K Amplifiers

Dedicated 5 kVA amplifiers for use in conjunction with LDS V650 and V780 shakers
These compact cabinets feature the same power module, micro-processor control unit and LCD function display as the SPA-K range