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Vibration Controllers

Vibration Control Systems

Advanced Solutions for Vibration Testing and Signal Analysis, Powerful Shaker Controllers for Low-Channel and High-Channel Count Applications

FullRange of Test Modes



Key Features

4 or 8 analog input channels, easily expandable
102.4 kHz simultaneous sampling
24-bit sigma-delta A/D converters
More than 120 dB spurious-free dynamic range
ICP sensor conditioning
TEDS support
2 source output channels
Safety shutdown for source channels
8 digital inputs/outputs for remote control
DSP powered real-time processing
USB 2.0 host interface to host PC or laptop
Compact, dust-proof, rugged housing
Fan-less, silent operation



The VibRunner measurement hardware platform is designed for the specific needs of noise & vibration analysis, vibration testing and process monitoring. It can be used with m+p international’s proven SO Analyzer, VibControl and Coda software solutions. The solution-oriented approach provides outstanding performance at an excellence price-performance ratio.

VibRunner offers maximum modularity: The mainframe can be used as a standalone desktop instrument or mounted into a 19” rack. For applications requiring a high number of measurement channels multiple VibRunner systems will be exactly synchronized by use of a daisy chain connection. The daisy-chained configuration allows to place the VibRunner systems close to the measuring points. This minimizes costly transducer cabling and increases measurement quality. The powerful 1 Gbit/s Ethernet interface serves for communication to the host PC. To ensure safe and fast communication even when a high number of input channels is utilized, the VibRunner hardware is integrated into its own subnet which is independent from other networks.

Based on the latest IC technology VibRunner provides high-precision measurement capability and outstanding real-time performance. With 24-bit sigma-delta A/D converters with up to 102.4 kHz sampling rate VibRunner allows for alias-protected measurements in a frequency range up to 40 kHz and more than 120 dB spurious-free dynamic range. The input channels can be switched between single-ended and full differential mode, thus allowing potential-free measurements such as required on bridge circuits.

Additional VibRunner modules provide analog outputs for vibration testing or modal shaker applications requiring a drive signal for the shaker. An automatic, analog shutdown circuitry guarantees the highest safety possible during the test. Tacho inputs with 32-bit high-speed up/down counters are available to measure synchronous signals on rotating machines for vibration analysis.

8-24 input channels per VibRunner
Synchronization of multiple VibRunner frontends upto 256 channels
102.4 kHz max. sampling rate
24-bit resolution
1 Gbit/s Ethernet interface
2-12 source output channels per VibRunner, safety shutdown
2-12 tacho inputs
8 digital inputs/outputs per VibRunner

High-Channel Count Vibration Control and
Time Data Recording in Parallel

High-precision VXIbus hardware
384 input channels in a single 13-slot mainframe
Sine, random, shock, transient capture testing
108 or 216 KS/sec sampling rate,
ideally suited for transient capture (pyroshocks)
2 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces for reduced cabling
and maximum flexibility
Continuous, gap-free time data recording directly   to the hard disc
Vibration control & data recording in parallel:
Excellent test efficiency and minimum equipment