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The Advanced Spring Tester-16D6 is the second turnkey solution released in Roehrig Engineering’s new Roller Screw Actuator (RoSA) Series. The ASR-16D6 features a bench top load frame with a base-mounted high performance roller screw electric actuator, providing smooth and precise linear motion.

Benefits of the ASR include:

Lower operating costs due to direct electric energy to motion conversion efficiencies.
More accurate and repeatable results than comparable hydraulic or pneumatic systems
Significantly reduced facility and installation costs
Lightweight and portable


A unique advantage of the ASR Advanced Spring© software is the ability to do continuous displacement-based data acquisition, which is user-configurable to obtain simultaneous force and displacement samples at increments as small as 0.0001 inch, regardless of velocity.

Typical Applications:

The ASR-16D6 has been optimized for use as a development and analysis tool by spring manufacturers and advanced engine builders.

While the ASR-16D6 has been sized to handle the majority of the automotive engine market, other force and stroke configurations can easily by configured to meet your additional testing requirements.

Efficient direct electric Roller Screw Actuation.


Up to 15 inch (380mm) standard test opening.
1600 lb (7kN) load range with standard load cell.
6 inch (150mm) dynamic stroke with 0.13 micron resolution.
User-definable preload and test range in displacement and/or force.
Ability to overlay plots, including:
Displacement vs. Spring Rate
Force vs. Spring Rate
Displacement vs. Force.
Output Results include tabular report format, along with statistical analysis of batch results, Coil Bind, Free Length, as well as Spring Rate throughout entire spring travel.
Comes complete with industrial computer sytem and flat screen monitor.

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