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Electromagnetic Linear Actuators

Electromagnetic Linear Actuators

The EMA (Electro-Magnetic Actuated) damper dynamometer is a serious tool for racers and damper manufacturers alike. It’s versatile, and boasts performance features like a 0.010 to 7 inch (.25 – 177mm) stroke range, frequency response above 100 Hz, and velocities in excess of 3 meters per second. This machine is a must-have piece of equipment for any research and development facility.

The EMA is a true linear actuator. It provides extremely fast response as well as excellent positioning accuracy, while eliminating backlash, windup, and wear. Two models are available to fit your testing needs EMA2k-2000lb (8.8Kn). force, EMA4k-4000lb (17.6Kn) force

The EMA can play back track data collected from a number of commonly used onboard, automotive data acquisition systems. Partial, full, or multiple lap play back is possible. EMA is also fully capable of reproducing sinusoidal waveforms identical in comparison to our industry-standard crank-style dynamometers. In addition, triangle, square, and composite custom waveforms can also be generated and driven through the EMA system, which is used in conjunction with our Shock6.0™ Test Control and Damper Analysis software.


Up to 25hp Motor Output when wired to 3-phase, 220 Volt Power Supply.
Drive position resolution of 1 micron.
16-bit motion control card.
Utilizes high-current, highly reliable servo amplifiers.
Usable stroke range from 0.01-7.0 inches (0.25-177.0 mm).
Frequency response above 100 Hz.
16-bit A/D data acquisition system.
+/- 2000 lbs (8.8Kn). Pancake style load cell – Standard (other ranges available upon request).
Bright Nickel (rustless) Columns with 31″ / 800mm eye to eye test area.
Non-contacting Infra Red style temperature transducer.
Fully computer controlled with Shock6 Test Control and Damper Analysis software.
Complete turnkey system includes desktop PC.

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