1. Accelerometers

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    Adams supply different type accelerometers for different applications. Accelerometers with different mounting configurations, different sizes and weights are available to suit the applications. Both Charge and Integrated electronics type (ICP/IEPE) accelerometers are available. Variable capacitance accelerometers are offered for the applications requiring high sensitivity measurements. Accelerometers for special applications like airborne and seismic accelerometers are also available.

  2. Force Sensors

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    Force sensors of charge and integrated electronics type are supplied by Adams. The force sensors with ranges from 10 lbF to 10000 lbF are offered.



  3. Impulse Hammer Kit

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    Impulse Hammer kits for modal testing are from DYTRAN Inc, USA. Light weights, Medium force to Sledge Hammers are available.


  4. Signal Conditioners

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    All related Signal conditioners for Accelerometers, Force sensors, Microphones and Pressure sensors are supplied. Miniature In-line chare amplifiers and ICP power supply source for airborne applications are also available.


  5. Microphones

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    All types of microphones required for accurate measurement of sound from GRAS are available. Any type of microphone, Pressure field, Free Field or Random Incidence, Polarised or prepolarised, high sensitivity or low sensitivity is available. Products include Surface Microphone, Array microphones, Intensity Probes, Calibrators, Pistonphones, Kemar, Artificial Ears and  Pinna Simulators.



  6. Pressure Sensors

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    Pressure sensors with ranges from -1 bar to 1000 bars are offered for measuring pressures of different fluid media. Different mounting configurations are available. The sensors offered are of thin film type(made by EFE) and charge and integrated electronics type(made by Dytran). EFE sensors can take excitation ranging from 9.5 V to 27 V. Different output options are available. One can choose either voltage or current output depending on his requirements. Dytran sensors don’t need any excitation and any standard signal conditioning front end will be able to acquire data from these sensors.


  7. All Related Cables

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    All related cables for Accelerometers, Force sensors and Pressure sensors are supplied.