Compression & Tension

Testing to ensure the compressibility and loads of your springs

11 Kgf Manual Load Apply
150 Kgf Manual Load Apply
150 Kgf Manual Load Apply (W/Display)
910 Kgf Manual Load Apply

Squareness Under Load

Squareness with the center line, and ends ground limits

11 Kgf Capacity (digital)
11 Kgf Capacity
150 Kgf Capacity(digital)
150 Kgf Capacity
910 Kgf Capacity(digital)
910 Kgf Capacity


Torque and rotation testing of Torsion Springs

17.7 in-lb Manual
100 in-lb Manual
1000 in-lb Manual


Motorized and high accuracy testers
Motorized Spring Testing
Ultra-High Accuracy

Automated Data Acquisition

Stands and systems for external vehicle use like Pedal Apply System , DTV and Residual Drag , DTV and Residual Drag – Portable System , Series 3000 Roller Brake Tester



Data Acquisition Transducers – Transducers and instrumentation for precise measurements

Torque Wheels
Fifth wheel
GPS Speed & Distance
Wheel encoder
Pedal Force transducer



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