SoundPLAN Modules

SoundPLAN Modules

  • Geo-Database, Manager & Library
  • Road, Railway & Distributed Computing
  • Industrial Noise Indoors & Outdoors
  • Noise Maps – Grid, Façade & Meshed
  • Aircraft Noise
  • Tools, Documentation, & Interfaces
  • Graphics Concepts & Modules

Geo-Database is the place where the most time is spent building the noise model. With the DXF and ASCII interfaces, a lot of common data from external sources can be imported and included in a comprehensive noise model. It is also possible to load a geo-referenced bitmap into the background and digitize on this canvas. The Geo-Database hosts the SoundPLAN Manager, the Library, the Documentation, the Spreadsheet and the non-modular graphics.


Distributed Computing speeds up lengthy calculations by distributing the application on any number of PCs found in the network. With this module on one PC, there is no limit to the number of PCs used for mapping calculations. Multi-Threading is also an option to speed up calculations on a multi core PC. This option is included in the most basic packages.

Data entry and data import / export

SoundPLAN allows us to Import and export data from various designing and modelling software.

  • Digitizing mode
  • Digitizing from scanned maps (bitmaps)
  • DXF Import
  • DXF-Export
  • ESRI Shapefile Import
  • ESRI Shapefile Export
  • QSI Interface (DIN 45687)
  • ASCII Import
  • ASCII Export
  • Add properties via the search key
  • Import of point sources (ASCII)
  • Import of SoundPLAN Geo-files
  • CARD/1, Stratis, Verbund, Vestra Interface
  • LIMA BNA Interface
  • Import of SoundPLAN DOS data