SoundPLAN Essential

SoundPLAN Essential


The majority of environmental noise simulations are small to medium projects tasked with checking the legal compliance of a planned road or an expansion to an industrial facility. These projects do not require the same complexity as is being offered in the full strength noise planning software products such as SoundPLAN. Noise modeling software suited for these projects must be specially designed to quickly acquire the model data via an import interface or to allow digitizing the essential data on top of an aerial photography or plan bitmap.

SoundPLAN essential is now available in the version 3.0, combining the full strength SoundPLAN calculation core with a simplified data entry editor to offer the noise modelling market a tool that can be learned in minutes yet powerful enough to allow engineers to do most of the noise modelling jobs. For Projects which are smaller with one industrial facility or some roads/railway lines, then SoundPLAN essential is better suited than a program designed to handle the complexity of noise mapping for an entire country.

Noise Models for:
  • Road, Railroads, Parking lots
  • Industrial point, line and area sources
  • Noise Protection Walls and Berms
  • Simulates the noise on top of continuously triangulated Digital Ground Model (DGM)
Features Include:
  • Model any size project
  • DXF and GIS import, or digitize on bitmaps
  • Easy presentation of scenario with or without a noise protection barrier
  • Calculations consider the Digital Ground Model
  • Local noise standards provided
  • Easy to use graphical data interface
  • Striking grid noise and contour maps
Result Tables and Graphics:

The emission level calculations and the results of the noise propagation are presented in tabular form in predefined tables. Additional text can be added for map descriptions and you can customize the layout for each object. Plus:

  • Tabular documentation of source properties
  • Documentation of source contribution levels
  • Level tables show the noise level for all floors and time slices
  • Limit contour lines option