SoundPLAN Air

SoundPLAN Air Pollution

SoundPLAN builds a comfortable bridge between science and engineering: Embedding scientific calculation kernels in the user friendly interface of SoundPLAN and adding specific tools for data control, data conversion and result presentation. SoundPLAN creates an environment for high efficient air pollution dispersion calculation.

Base Module Air Pollution generates the environment where all modules are embedded. Besides the basic modules for data input, calculation and result presentation it contains special air pollution library tools which are designed to make your work easy, efficient and transparent.

SoundPLAN also provides various Modules for more Complex, Prognostic Purposes and Customer needs like:


  • GaussTA Luft’86
  • GRAL system
  • MISKAM advanced
  • AUSTAL2000 interface

SoundPLAN in India is being represented by Adams.