Si Vision


Si Vision optically displays all sound components perceived by the human ear and provides filters to reduce, eliminate, or enhance individual sound components. This sound simulation presents the user with specific objectives (in dB) for optimizing the noise characteristics of a real component, machine, or vehicle. With the Testing Mode extension, siVision is the ideal software tool for automated tests in a production environment. Monotonous tones (e.g. persistent beeping) as well as prominent modulations (e.g. rattling) are easily perceptible and irritating to the human ear. Even an otherwise inconspicuous noise can be too loud or too soft (noise can mask other features, for example). In particular, however, these sound characteristics can point to faults or errors in the manufacture of a machine. Si Vision visualizes these sound characteristics and can thus plays an important role in the identification of faults.

All the sound components are automatically displayed separately and rated for perceptibility of tones. The perceptibility is visualized by means of equal-loudness curves. The loudness levels shown can be adjusted according to the required quality, and enable a quantitative assessment of the felt disturbance. siVision makes it possible to analyze sound characteristics in real time or in playback in a very simple manner, and allows their individual manipulation with the help of filters. With the modification of the sound it is possible to acoustically generate a target sound, e.g. without tonal and modulating components, which can subsequently be used as the basis for potential constructive adaptations or corrections. Each development status, however, can be compared objectively as well as subjectively.



The LivePad is a smart, intuitive, and extremely powerful system for acoustic analysis. The system combines three functions in a single unit:

  •     Real-time acoustic analysis for analyzing noise and vibration
  •     Comparison and filtering of acoustic variants
  •     Test system for automatic noise testing

LivePad with 4 ICP® inputs and CAN bus interface

livepad01 livepad02

This means that all main functions for noise testing and development are united in a single system.The performance of all three functions is unsurpassed. The LivePad is impressively easy to use. siVision on LivePad now analyzes sound components in real time, so you see any disturbances in machine noise straight away. Its intuitive operation and plethora of options often makes finding the cause of noise child’s play.