Road & Rail Module

SoundPLAN Road & Rail Module

Road & Rail Modules

03Road Noise Propagation contains all the tools and objects needed for generating roads and calculating their emission values. Part of the road data is the geometrical description of the lanes, the road width and bridges. The emission is calculated in accordance to the user selected road noise model. The emission values for the requested noise assessment (Lden, Lmax, Leq day¦.) are stored with the geometry in the Geo-Files.

04Railway Noise Propagation supplies all the railway relevant tools and objects so railway lines can be entered, the noise calculated and the results presented in the Documentation,
Spreadsheets and Graphics. An optimization of noise control walls can be found in the Wall Design module.

Distributed Computing speeds up lengthy calculations by distributing the application on any number of PCs found in the network. With this module on one PC, there is no limit to the number of PCs used for mapping calculations. Multi-Threading is also an option to speed up calculations on a multi core PC. This option is included in the most basic packages.