Norsonic – Nor518 Dual channel case for Nor140

Dual Channel Case

The dual channel case Nor518 is developed mainly for dual channel building acoustic measurements. The case has precut foam for two Nor140 and space for a laptop running NorBuild and CtrlBuild control and reporting programs.

All cables are connected from the instruments to a front panel located on the left side inside of the case. The front panel has inputs for two microphones, USB to control the instruments, two noise generator outputs and two AC outputs for listening to the microphone signal in the receiving or sending room.

The two Nor140 instruments can easily be removed from the case and be used as separate measuring instruments for other applications.

The case is rugged, yet small and dustproof, ideal for field use.

The system can be operated from either mains (90-260Vac) or via the built in battery, featuring a capacity for more than 8 hours use. The battery is automatically charged once the mains are connected. It does not power the PC.