Noise Monitoring

Nor1520 is a complete Environmental Monitoring Terminal (EMT) for the most advanced users and it is especially suited for harsh environments.



  • Collects noise data continuously
  • Continuous sound and video recording
  • Support GPS and weather data
  • Operates as a self contained unit collecting data off line or as one measuring channel integrated into a multi channel noise monitoring system
  • Double skin aluminium cabinet for optimal working condition for the measuring instruments in hot and cold environments
  • Supports ADSL, Wifi , LAN, GPRS, UMTS, EDGE and more Fault tolerant. Stores data locally if connection with host computer is down/faulty. The system will automatically transfer all data when connection is re-established
  • EU pattern evaluated for legal metrology
  • The following measurements are logged; Leq, Lmax, Lmin, Ln, Lpeak and 1/1 or 1/3 octave multi spectra in addition to A, C or Z spectral weighting functions
  • Runs 12h on internal batteries if mains disappears


Nor1530 noise monitoring terminal is a robust, cost efficient solution for semi-permanent or permanent outdoor noise monitoring. The system can be self-contained, or remotely controlled by the powerful noise monitoring software NorMonit.



  • See your noise data online via the web
  • Listen to recorded events!
  • Use wireless technology (Bluetooth, Wifi, GPRS or 3G)
  • Self-check and calibration of microphone
  • Log weather data (wind, rain and more)
  • Get notified by email or SMS when set thresholds are reached.


Nor1506 is the portable, weatherproof case designed to protect the sound measuring instruments from heavy weather conditions, such as rain and snow.


Nor1210 Outdoor microphone for permanent installations for community (Model C) and aircraft noise (Model A).



Nor1216 Outdoor microphone for community and aircraft noise. Build in heating for enhanced weather protection.

Nor1217 Outdoor microphone for community and aircraft noise. Directly powered and supported by Nor140 (build-in selectable frequency correction networks, System Check signal generator).



Nor1329 Adjustable Mast for permanent installation of our noise monitoring terminals Nor1520 or Nor1530, weather station and outdoor microphone. It may be tilted to provide easy calibration and service of the microphone unit and the weather station. Cables are mounted inside the mast to minimise wind-induced noise and to protect them from wear and tear from sun and weather.