Industry Module

SoundPLAN Industry Module

Industrial Noise Indoors/Outdoors and Aircraft Noise


06Industry Noise Propagation enables the user to create sources describing industrial usage.

The source types are point, line and area sources 07 and the industrial building. The emissions of the sources need to be entered with the sound power for a single frequency or for an octave or third octave band. In collaboration with the Indoor Factory Noise module, the sound pressure on the inside of the building can also be simulated. The library has functions to convert sound pressure measurements into the equivalent sound power

Indoor Factory Noise calculates noise inside factory buildings. The model is based on the German VDI 3760. Point, line, and area sources describe the sources; inside walls and absorption areas describe the objects inside the factory building. The industrial building itself has provisions for the geometry and for describing the absorption on the outside walls and the scattering inside the building.

Expert System for Industry Noise is tasked with documenting the status quo of an industrial area, ranking the noise sources in accordance to their contribution at various noise sensitive receivers and then finding the proper solution of silencers, dampers, etc. Costs and performance of the noise control measures are set in relation with each other and function as a guide for the optimization of industrial noise control.

18 Noise Allotment helps consultants to assign noise contingents to plots to be designated industrial areas. The aim is to maximize the noise allocation to each one of the plots without infringing upon the noise limits at the neighbouring plots.