In-Situ Absorption

In-situ Absorption setup


Microflown Technologies offers a complete solution to measure the acoustic properties of materials with its In-situ absorption setup. This method is a true alternative for the well-known Kundt’s method or reverberant room method. Taking (destructive) samples is no longer required, and also the absorption of sound waves under oblique angles of incidence, as they occur in practice of course, can finally be tested. The system can even measure, next to material samples, complete assembled parts. Extremely high spatial resolution allows analysis of inhomogeneous, e.g. perforated, materials. As the in situ method also works with a relative movement between sample and probe, end of line control of materials has become possible. Curved materials can be measured, so the quality of the acoustic package as applied in the final assembly lines can be tested.

The Impedance gun

With a small, handheld impedance gun the acoustic absorption, reflection or impedance can be measured in just a few minutes, broad banded, under normal and oblique angles.  With a sound source at 23cm from the probe the noise is generated towards the sample. The sound pressure and acoustic particle velocity are measured right on the surface of the material.

Application features:

  • Frequency range 300Hz – 10kHz
  • In-situ method
  • Normal & oblique angles of incidence
  • Flat & curved surfaces
  • Homogeneous & inhomogeneous materials
  • Fixed and moving surfaces
  • Can be used for:
    • Product development
    • End of line control before and after assembly