Far Field Acoustic Camera

Si – Tracer


Si-Tracer is an innovative acoustic camera. It works with the Sound-Identification-Algorithm (SIA) that reaches a full 20 dB(A) dynamic range with only 24 microphones in optimized arrangement. Standard cameras require many (e.g. 60) microphones for displaying a dynamic range of 8-13 dB. They only deliver a rough locating where a loud sound source is, but they cannot provide any further information about the differences between several loud sound sources, due to the small dynamic range and the unsharpness. In addition, extra effort is necessary for focussing on the sound source. Si-Tracer needs no extra focus on the distance to the sound source. The focussing works automatically without any auxiliaries. Additionally si-Tracer can focus on multiple sound sources at the same time. Along with recordings in real time si-Tracer can play recordings in slow motion. A time-streching by a factor of 1024 is possible. The frequency band of interest can be selected subsequently. The slow motion playback reveals especially impulsive or fast moving sounds and their spreading