Chassis Dynamometers

4-Roll NVH Chassis Dynamometer


The Model four-roll chassis dynamometer is a critical tool in diagnosing and resolving vehicle NVH issues. Typical applications include powertrain, brake, tire, and interior trim evaluations. With an automated system for wheelbase adjustment, the Model 4900 can accommodate vehicles from the smallest passenger car to the largest light truck. Typical configurations range from wheelbases of 2.29 to 4.06 m (90 to 160 inches).

Teamed with the analyzer the dynamometer provides a state-of-the-art system for vehicle measurement and analysis. To optimize NVH measurement capabilities, the rolls are enclosed except for the running surface in the room above and the drive motors and other related power equipment are isolated in a separate room or placed in high transmission loss noise enclosures. The result is a background level that is low enough to permit the most sensitive noise measurements.

Included is a complete control and measurement system. The core of this system is the ProLink software package that integrates all control, measurement, analysis, and reporting functions. By integrating all the major control and data acquisition functions, ProLink makes automated test programs easy to program and deploy.

2-Roll NVH Chassis Dynamometer


The Two-Roll Chassis Dynamometer provides an excellent platform for single axle vehicle and vehicle corner NVH testing. The corner fixtures provide the capability to test one or two full-suspension corners with full instrumentation for performance monitoring, along with NVH data.

Typical applications include brake, tire, powertrain, and suspension tests. A wide range of rolls sizes and surfaces can be specified to meet particular test requirements. All test operations are controlled by the ProLink software package that runs under Microsoft Windows®, and integrates dynamometer control, data acquisition, data analysis, and reporting in one easy to use package. ProLink provides inertia simulation capabilities so that no inertia discs are required