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Transient Recorders

GEN7t/16t – High speed / high channel count DAQ and transient recording for high end requirements


GEN7t/16t captures and records interference peaks with a sampling rate of up to 100MS/s. On all channels if necessary! It is possible, with the Dual Rate Recording principle, to record fast transients and, at the same time, record a continuous measurement series on the same channel. This means that long-term observations can be continuously recorded at 10MS/s while, at the same time, rapidly occurring events can be recorded with a sampling rate of 100MS/s, trigger-controlled.

High performance signal conditioning
Isolation for safe and clean measurements
Sample rates from 200 kS/s to 100 MS/s per channel
Multi-channel, multi-mainframe synchronous data acquisition
Transient RAM to 256 MS per card, 8GB per mainframe
Available as 7 slot bench top or 16 slot rack mount version