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STL Analysis

Testing of switchgear devices and fuses requires advanced analysis capabilities to generate reproducible and accurate test results. Real world signals may be distorted, carry noise or spikes, but they still have to be evaluated appropriately. The STLA (Short-Circuit Testing Liaison Agreement) defined methods to unify the evaluation process of signals for HV electrical power equipment.


Perception Software covers all requirements in the recommendation “STL, Technical Report, Harmonization of data processing methods for high power laboratories” and offers about 40 specific algorithms. Written by experts for experts, the STL analysis option serves all the needs in a high power/high voltage lab to get fast and repeatable results, in compliance to the STL technical report. The STL analysis option contains a set of example applications for verification of the evaluation results according to STL (TDG test cases).

The Perception STL Analysis option provides a set of additional calculations in the formula database. It requires the formula database option also be enabled. The calculation functions use advanced algorithms and methods like iterative loops, curve fitting, spike/noise suppression etc. to comply with the STL technical report. There are a number of generic calculations available for different purposes, a set of calculations for recovery voltage evaluation and a number of symmetric/asymmetric current calculations. In addition, some calculations for No-Load and travel recorder traces are available.