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Isolated Probe System

ISOBE5600 – Isolated probe system


The ISOBE5600 is a fiber optic isolated probe system designed for remote measurements in high or low voltage environments, for current shunt measurements or just to provide safe isolation.

With a DC to 20MHz bandwidth and carefully shielded transmitter, the Isobe5600 is versatile enough to be used for many applications in motor controls, power distribution, power supply testing, high voltage/high current, ballistics, ordnance and physiology.

The ISOBE5600 is a completely new design using fully digital transmitting technology as is used in high end isolated digitizers. The digital transmission overcomes the problems inherent in analog or semi analog designs: no DC gain drift, offset or noise problems caused by cabling issues, bad fiber connectors or analog transmission errors caused by changes in environmental temperature, cable bending or cable movement. Automatic calibration of gain and offset is made at each power up guaranteeing full accuracy with no room for system or user errors.

Modular, multi channel concept keeps costs down

The ISOBE5600 system is available with individual, single channel transmitter units working with a receiver that supports up to four transmitters.
The control of all four transmitters is done using a front panel display and a rotary knob at the receiver. All settings can be remotely controlled and the current settings of the remote transmitters are shown in the receiver’s display.

Advanced battery technology for superior runtime.

The Isobe5600 offers an advanced battery system using SmartBattery technology as is found in modern Notebook computers. Therefore, an external, off the shelf charger is used to recharge 2 or 10 batteries simultaneously. Each transmitter comes with one battery installed enabling 12 hours of operation; the battery can be recharged in just 3 hours.

For even longer operation time, up to 24 hours, the transmitter can be equipped with an additional battery in the empty, second battery slot.