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High Voltage Impulse Analysis

This option is an application package for HV Impulse analysis according to IEC 60060-1 and IEC 61083-2. Lightning impulses as well as Switching impulses are analyzed and the characteristic parameters are calculated automatically.


Lightning impulses with Overshoot, Oscillation, Chopping or a combination of the three are analyzed without user interaction. Integrated pass/fail indicators with user definable limits increase testing throughput and productivity.


To bring a testing campaign of several shots into a single report, a unique technology is used inside Perception to keep all raw data as well as all calculated results in its memory. Listing all the results of all shots in the user table of Perception brings them together in one list.


The evaluation of data can be performed according to the existing standards as well as the new k-factor method proposed in the draft of the revised IEC 60060-1 for 2009.