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USB Triaxial Acceleromter from Dytran

Dytran 5346A

Record, Measure and Analyze

Fast and Efficiently Using the VibraScout 6D™

Dytran’s USB powered, digital, 6 degrees of freedom sensor combines a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, and onboard temperature sensor with a microcontroller to create a smart sensor. The VibraScout 6D™ is a plug-and-play, cost effective, portable data acquisition system. Measure X,Y,Z acceleration, roll, pitch, yaw and temperature using a laptop or tablet.

Uses for the VibraScout 6D Include:

  • Develop “Pass/Fail” criteria for vibration or shock-based end-of-line acceptance testing
  • Produce graphics, charts and data for reports and white papers
  • Document “before-and-after” condition to assess effectiveness of design changes
  • Perform ride quality and other whole-body human response studies
  • Complete university engineering degree coursework and thesis papers
  • Establish the basis for simplified machinery condition monitoring programs
  • Quickly quantify and pinpoint sources of unwanted vibration
  • Measure tilt angles on heavy equipment, construction sites, and structures
  • Survey anything to get a feel for what is happening – the first step toward fixing it!

Functions of the VibraScout 6D™:

The Dytran model 5346A1 is a unique and innovative solution for fast, portable and cost effective vibration surveys and data acquisition. Easy to install software allows for real time, three-directional vibration data acquisition (including static inclination), three-directional orientation data acquisition (gyroscope) along with real-time temperature monitoring. The system stores acceleration, gyro and temperature information, and the built-in firmware handles USB communication and provides a number of unique features including storage of device serial number and storage of accelerometer, gyro and temperature calibration data.

VibraScout 6D™ Software Features:

  • Real-time display of acceleration, gyro and temperature data with 5 seconds of buffer
  • Three-channel, multi-channel, scope (rotating machinery) and real-time waterfall plots available at runtime
  • Min, max, instant measurement values displayed for all 9 channels at runtime
  • User selectable frequency settings for windowing and frequency range settings
  • Imperial or standard engineering units for all channels; unit conversion is selectable by user
  • Embedded post processor for data export to ASCII, UFF58, Matlab compatible .MAT and JPEG files
  • Plot overlays for channel to channel comparison
  • API available as .NET dll for custom application development

How it Works:

The accelerometer contains a variable capacitance (VC) MEMS chip (14g range) with USB interface. Load the software onto your PC or laptop . The standard USB protocol handles all the sensor communications with the PC; no external power is required for the sensor, simply plug it into the USB port. The sensor is hermetically sealed in a titanium housing weighing 13 grams, allowing it be used in harsh environments from test tracks to field monitoring. The frequency range of the VibraScout 6D™ accelerometer is 0 Hz (DC) to 1,100 Hz and the gyroscope is 0 to 250 Hz. Units can withstand 10,000g shock