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New Product Announcement SPEKTRA CV-01

CV-01 single point, hand held calibrator


The handheld shaker CV-01 is a high quality measurement device from SPEKTRA. The voltage supply is ensured by 4 rechargeable AA batteries. A suitable charger is included which allows a cost saving, mobile and environmentally friendly operation. The calibrator as well as its complete accessory is delivered in a practical and ruggedized transportation case. In addition each calibrator is calibrated by SPEKTRA before its delivery and gets an internationally recognized DAkkS calibration certificate. The well balanced reaction mass leads to a good mass ratio to the weight of the DUT whereby up to 150 g heavy transducers can be reliably tested. Nevertheless the calibrator is still quite handy.


  • Complete solution in a transport case including the most important mounting studs, an adhesive mounting base, rechargeable batteries and battery charger
  • Each calibrator will come with a DAkkS calibration certificate
  • Standard warranty: 2 years

Application Fields:

  • Calibration laboratories
  • All industrial branches
  • Engineering offices
  • Educational institutions


  • Quick, simple and mobile in-field inspection/calibration of vibration transducers
  • Easy in-field inspection of sensor wirings of machines

Quick and easy error search on vibration measurement chains of machines