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Eckel Industries build Anechoic Chamber for Microsoft

ECKEL has now been put in the spotlight after their achievement of -20.6 dBA – the quietest place on earth in Microsoft’s Building 87 in Redmond Washington.


This anechoic chamber currently holds the record for achieving a -20.6 dbA sound level, way ahead of the previous record of -13dbA.


The chamber was built for Microsoft by Eckel Industries, which happens to have designed a similar chamber at Steve Orfield’s lab in Minneapolis, also recognized by Guinness as the quietest place on earth.


The chamber contains wedges in the walls that are designed to absorb sound. The room has been recorded to have a sound as low as -20dB, For comparison’s sake, that is just above what scientists consider to be the quietest anything can reach with Brownian motion, which is the sound that is made by the movement of particles in a gas or liquid at -23dB.

Hardware like the Surface tablets are tested inside the room to make sure that sounds that are generated by things as simple as its display are as quiet as possible.