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Timed Output Module for Pyrotechnic Firing & Sequencing Digital Signals.


Test sequence controller for high-energy firing signals

  • 4 pyrotechnic initiators to fire airbag squibs, seat pretensioners and other pyrotechnic devices
  • 8 digital outputs to initiate or synchronize other systems such as cameras and lighting
  • Certified to NHTSA, FAA, ISO 6487 and SAE J211
  • Two models: crashworthy and laboratory

High Performance

  • 0.1 msec resolution on squib fire and digital outs
  • Shock rated up to 100 g
  • Modular, reliable, durable and compact
  • Built-in safety features
  • Integrated recording of voltage & current wave forms


  • Modules work standalone or in racks
  • Daisy-chain racks for large channel counts

Software that’s fast and easy

  • Comprehensive self-diagnostics and fault detection
  • Program firing times, data capture, viewing & exporting