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GEN7t/16t – High speed / high channel count DAQ and transient recording for high end requirements



Obtain a perfect overview of your system with the GEN7t/16t. With GEN7t/16t, you can configure up to 1,080 synchronized channels according to your requirements. Your system grows from the first channel onwards exactly as your project changes. Stay on top, rapidly, reliably, flexibly and always with perfect precision. Up to 8 GEN “slaves” can be connected to a GEN7t/16t master, each of these 9 devices can contain between 4 and 120 channels, and all 1,080 channels can measure in synchronization with each other. Scale your system as precisely as you require it.

sample rate: Measurement rates from 200KS/s to 100MS/s
Channels: 1 to 1080
Data transmission: Gigabit Ethernet
Storage: Internal channel RAM, SCSI RAID, external HD, server or PC via Gigabit Ethernet
Physical input amplifier: The entire bandwidth
Gigabytes in seconds: Precisely recorded with 100MS/s – saved in seconds
Input amplifier for each sensor – selectable via software
Immune against electromagnetic interferences
Basic single ended / differential isolated 200kS/s or 1MS/s at 16Bit resolution
Fully insulated bridge amplifiers: Full bridges, half bridges, quarter bridges DC sensor Shunt calibration 200kS/s and 1MS/s
Universal 200KS/s or 1MS/s For ICP® piezo sensors, resistance-based current measurements or galvanically isolated measurements
High Speed 25MS/s or 100MS/s at 14Bit resolution
Digital input 1MS/s Event counter / external clock signal Timer

Distributed measurement intelligence means measuring spatially separate but synchronously. All channels in all connected GEN7t / GEN16t are synchronous with one another. The optical synchronization concept makes it possible to create measurement sites with several GEN7t/GEN16t over distances of several hundred meters without ground loop issues.


Typical applications:

High-precision transient recorder
Data recorder for long-term monitoring

Typical application areas:

Energy and high-voltage technology
Destructive material testing

Dimension4i – Data and transient recorder in one device

Dimension4i can be used both as a data recorder and as a transient recorder – meeting the highest of demands. Dimension4i therefore combines all essential instruments in one device.

Because Dimension4i was developed in cooperation with users as a professional tool for daily use, operation of the Dimension4i is intuitive and oriented towards the requirements of use: easy to understand, easy to operate. Routine tasks are quickly completed with Dimension4i so that you can concentrate fully on your tasks as a professional.

The graphical user interface of the 15″ touchscreen leads you step by step through the logical sequence of a measurement task , from setting up the measurement scenario to recording data and data analysis. The supplied software shortens the familiarization time, because being able to start tasks efficiently and rapidly means saving time, energy and money : The requirements for fast and long-term success on the market with your products.

Gain additional functions and capacity:

image102Doubled recording speed per channel (200kS/s versus 100kS/s)
Nearly 40% more recording capacity (100GB versus 72GB)
Larger display (15″ versus 10.4″)
24Bit resolution
Typical applications:

Data recorder
Transient recorder
FFT preprocessing
Signal generator

Typical application areas:

Energy and high-voltage technology
Product development
Vibration technology

Measuring device:



4 slots for input modules
16 analog input channels
Sampling rate 1S/s to 200kS/s per channel
Resolution 16Bit or 24Bit
Recording modes: Continuous, transient, FFT (optional)
Input modules

Dimension4i Isolation module
Dimension4i Accelerometer module

LIBERTY – Rugged, portable, battery operated DAQ

image106Product tests in vehicle construction and aerospace, or the commissioning and servicing of industrial infrastructures, do not take place under air-conditioned laboratory conditions. Instead, conditions usually include vibrations and shocks, spray water, dirt and extreme external temperatures.






Typical applications:

Test driving vehicle prototypes
Helicopter rotor tests
Troubleshooting in outdoor areas

All-round talent for hard applications
Optimized for use outdoors and in rough conditions, as well as in flying and moving test objects


Vehicle construction
Special mechanical engineering
Industrial infrastructure

The perfect tool for all situations

Two CAN2.0B nodes, each with 32 channels and 64Bit resolution
DC32 with TC Option
32 differential channels with thermocouple connection
Standard (General Purpose) Amplifier
8 single ended channels or 16 differential channels
ICP® Amplifier
For Piezo sensors such as acceleration or pressure sensors
8 channels, full bridge, half bridge, quarter bridge or differential

Basic device:

4 or 8 slots for measurement modules
Up to 256 input channels
Recording modes:
Sweep : for recurring and periodic events
Continuous: Dual Mode: Combination of Sweep and Continuous
10/100 Mb/s Ethernet, CAT 5e STP, wireless possible (external)
8GB internal CompactFlash card (CF)
IP54 Splash water resistant
Operating temperature range -10°C to +55°C (14 to 131°F)
Input voltage range 12 to 35 VDC, 100W max
AC operation with optional AC/DC converter, 110/220 VAC
Battery operation
Impact resistance as per MIL-STD-810