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GEN3i High-Speed Data Recorder: Powerful, Portable and Fast

The portable GEN3i data recorder offers a virtually unlimited range of application possibilities. It is ideal for mobile use thanks to its compact dimensions, whether it is troubleshooting, maintenance, or commissioning of generators, turbines, or engines. The GEN3i is also the right instrument for use in the laboratory, in power test stands, or destructive material testing.

GEN3i, the portable data recorder on the leading edge of innovation, offers:

  • Incomparably powerful features
  • An exciting innovative touchscreen user interface
  • Both continuous direct-to-disk with up to 200 MB/s as well as fast transient recording
  • Up to 96 input channels, fully configurable to your needs


Key Features

  • PC integrated mainframe
  • Robust and portable
  • Three slots for acquisition cards
  • Accepts any mix of GEN DAQ acquisition cards
  • Up to 96 analog channels
  • 200 MB/s continuous streaming
  • Synchronized recording using two GEN3i mainframes
  • Remote use from external PC
  • Perception Standard software with Windows based user interface for advanced review and analysis