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EDAS Win Plus

EdasWin Plus is a complete software package for data acquisition, real time display and offline analysis with DATaRec4 modules from ZODIA DATA SYSTEM, Germany (formerly HEIM DATA SYSTEMS). The software has three main Modules – EdWin for data acquisition and storing on media. EWinView for realtime display and calculation. EdasWin for offline analysis and report.
Zodiac Data systems – Heim Data Recorder modules.
2Features of EdWin:

  • Supported modules: Zodiac Data Systems.

LMF, DIC6, DIC24, DIC24Plus, ANH100, CAN4, CAN4F, SGU9, CHG6, SMM

  • Data rates up to 600 M Bits/sec
  • Automatic scan of hardware modules
  • Measurement setup without modules connected
  • Setting with sensor location lists and sensor lists with drag & drop feature
  • Setting CAN and FlexRay with DBC or Fibex files with drag & drop feature
  • Pre- and Post trigger with definable trigger levels and slope
  • Automatic re-triggering with loop function
  • Sound acquisition with PC sound input device
  • GPS acquisition with GPS receivers supporting the NMEA protocol
  • Storing small sequential files instead of one big file.
  • Files > 4Gbytes
  • Load and store settings.
  • All channel parameters are stored in our data files.
  • Up to 1024 channels
  • Free MATLAB reader for our data format is available as open source.


Additional data sources, included in the data acquisition stream:

EdWin can acquire the sound channels from the PC soundcard. EdWin can acquire GPS data like position, grounds peed, altitude, direction and quality using a simple GPS mouse like a Hollux Sirfstar III or other GPS receivers supporting the NMEA protocol and PC interface.
Online Visualization with EWinView
While data is stored with EdWin, EWinView shows the data in realtime. EWinView supports different recorders (client windows).You can define an unlimited number of recorders. The recorders can be filled by drag & drop from a channel table. Different settings can be stored. If you work with EdWin, the setting is managed together with the Edwin settings.
Line recorder:
This is a simple graphic display with three user definable time axis. Channels can be added or removed while measurement is running. The whole history for every channel is always present.
Combination recorder:
A recorder with free definable displays. Diagram types are Time Display, Round Display, Bar Display, Numeric Display and Power Spectrum Display. You can make simple calculations with the incoming signals like arithmetic addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, change sign, constant.
Data logger:Simulates a linewriter. Current data values with time are displayed
MinMax Recorder:Numeric display which shows current, min and max value.
Level recorder:Numeric display with a horizontal bar with good/bad range.
Scope Recorder:Functionality like a scope, with trigger functions and auto ranging.

Features of EWinView:

  • Unlimited number of Recorders.
  • Recorders can be used while measurement is running
  • Recorder can be arranged while measurement is running
  • Online calculation in the Combination Recorder

Offline Analysis with EdasWin
EdasWin is a comprehensive offline analysis package. In Addition to all common mathematical and statistical features, EdasWin offers auto-analysis, data browser, native reader for many foreign data formats, synchronous display of measured signals and video streams, automatic noise suppression, damage calculation, GPS-interpolation, course and map display. Extensive layout functions are available for documentation. The high speed of data processing and the sophisticated operating concept allows efficient working with EdasWin.
Features of Software Package EdasWin


  • On-line help
  • Menu controlled, no programming is necessary
  • Automatic generation of repeatable analysis and documentation
  • Softwareinterface (COM)
  • License is linked to PC or hardware dongle


  • Unlimited number of tags can be displayed in each plot
  • Unlimited number of plots can be created
  • 10 000 000 values will be displayed in a sec (Standard PC)
  • Signal can be computed with each other and/or with constants
  • Cursor Function with Peak Detection.
  • X-Y zoom with selectable boundaries.
  • Cascade display, Campbell display, Spectrogram
  • Play-back sound files
  • Time-synchronously presentation off up to four video streams
  • Course representation on the basis of measured GPS data

Algebraic functions:

  • + – / *
  • Logarithms – (base 10 log & natural)
  • Exponent, Power, Square root, Inverse
  • 1/x, Change of sign (+ / -).

Trigonometric functions:

  • Sine, Cosine, Tangent
  • Arcsine, Arccosine, and Arctangent.

Calculation functions:

  • Differential & Integral Calculus.
  • Absolute value.
  • Positive and negative signal isolation.
  • High and Low pass digital filters with selectable order and corner frequency.
  • FIR Filter with programmable filter function, no phase angle
  • Cycle duration.
  • Counter.
  • Conversion between Cartesian and Polar Coordinates.
  • Boolean Algebra.
  • Floating average: mean, max, min
  • A, B, C weighting filter
  • Polynom calculation
  • Linearization

Signal processing:

  • Graphical drift correction, Line and Offset correction
  • Automatic spike detection and suppression.
  • Signal recalculation with selectable clockrate
  • Signal shift along time axis

Signal analysis:

  • Power Spectral Density
  • Cross Spectral Density
  • Coherence
  • Order analysis
  • Terz- / Octave analysis
  • Transfer function
  • Y Sampling across any selectable signal
  • X -Y Plot
  • Regression
  • Cross correlation
  • Dynamic signal movement from cross correlation


Statistical analysis:

  • Time at Level.
  • Levelcrossing.
  • Rain Flow
  • Range Pair
  • Rotational analysis
  • Damage

Other functions:

  • Plausibility check from measured data records
  • Batch Analysis
  • GPS interpolation
  • Macro function for recurrent calculation specification

Layout Editor for Report Generation:

  • Create standard templates for printing plots
  • Commentary editor for enter and display from text information
  • Voluminously layout creation with any pages

Data Import:

  • Import from different data formats, with direct reader functionality
  • Binary
  • B&S
  • μ Musics
  • Diadago, DIADEM
  • E.d.a.s.
  • RPC3 / RSP
  • TurboLab
  • MDF
  • DCF
  • UFF58
  • Ist/Rigsys
  • Chapter10

Data Export to multiple data formats:

  • Binary
  • Diadago
  • E.d.a.s.Win
  • E.d.a.s.
  • MatLab
  • RPC3 / RSP
  • TurboLab
  • UFF58

Update and Support

Software updates are ready for download at our internet page. On our tutorial page is a quick users manual for EdWin / EWinView and EdasWin as well as some examples videos in (.wmv) or (.flv) format