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Shock Recorders


1. SAVER 9X30


The SAVER™ 9X30 is a powerful instrument.  This “best in class” Field Data Recorder provides 9 dynamic channels, combining a dedicated internal tri-axial with 6 external accelerometer inputs, along with temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and optional GPS capabilities.  It includes built in signal conditioning for all of the dynamic channels along with selectable recording ranges and filters. This self-powered instrument provides 16-bit resolution for full-waveform recording with pre-trigger capability.

2. SAVER 3X30


The award winning SAVER™ 3X90 is a Field Data Recorder that combines everything you need into a single small package. This self-powered instrument provides 16 bit resolution, internal tri-axial accelerometer, temperature and humidity sensors, USB connectivity, and you can turn it loose to operate in the field. It saves data with timestamps, acceleration time histories, temperature, humidity, and includes optional GPS capabilities.



The SAVER™ 3M30 plus represents the most affordable performance monitoring device on the market.  It is equipped with an internal tri-axial accelerometer for threshold triggered full waveform recording with pre-trigger capability.  It utilizes internal rechargeable batteries which provide up to 30 days of continuous measurement.  Record the top 100 most significant events over a 30-day period to secure non-volatile memory.

4. SAVER 3D15


There are specific applications where DC recording capabilities are required to measure low frequency energy.  For instance, amusement park rides, aerospace flight applications, rail-car coupling impacts, and vehicle crash testing all contain low frequency responses with long duration, constant acceleration time histories.

5. SAVER 3M30


The SAVER™ 3M30 is the entry level data recorder within the SAVER family designed for high volume monitoring applications. For setup, analysis and reporting it utilizes the same SaverXware software used by the more powerful X-series instruments.