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Material Test Systems

MTS is one of the preferred global testing solutions resource as MTS has 42+ years of experience; with world-class consulting services. MTS offers flexible test systems, controllers, software, accessories designed for easily adding new capabilities as and when the testing needs expand.

MTS extensive aerospace applications experience:

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MTS has more than four decades of experience; working closely with the world’s leading aerospace manufacturers. MTS has solutions to address the full scope of aerospace testing requirements, from full-scale structural testing sub-assembly evaluation materials characterization.

MTS has deep biomedical application expertise:

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By working with MTS, biomedical device manufacturers and researchers gain access to advanced testing technology that helps characterize materials, validate designs, meet regulatory standards and ensure reliable performance. MTS understand the unique requirements of testing biomaterials, orthopaedic constructs, medical devices, prosthetic limbs, medical packaging, consumables and more.

MTS has deep application expertise in energy testing:

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For those tasked with finding more efficient ways to meet rising global demand for energy, mechanical testing serves many different roles. Whether your work focuses on fossil fuel extraction or developing renewable energy technologies, MTS has a solution. MTS testing solutions help evaluate geo-materials in remote and unexplored regions as well as the equipment and structures required to recover resources. We lead the way in conducting static and fatigue tests on wind turbine materials, components and structures, including massive blades. MTS also excel in simulating real-world environments for the structures used in solar, tidal, geothermal and nuclear energy production.


MTS geo-material test application expertise:


Geo-material test professionals face numerous challenges, from high forces and complex load schemes to brittle materials and extreme environmental conditions. With decades of experience, MTS can help you address these challenges when testing rock and concrete.

Our expertise in geo-materials extends across multiple industries, from energy and mining to construction and civil engineering.