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Ground Vehicle Systems

MTS has complete automotive test application expertise:


Around the world, leading ground vehicle manufacturers depend on MTS solutions to generate highly accurate, repeatable test data for an extremely wide variety of application. MTS experience extends from passenger cars and trucks to motorsports, commercial and off-highway vehicles. MTS has developed a deep and detailed understanding of ground vehicles testing, including durability assessment of complete vehicles and components, ride, handling and performance testing, aerodynamic simulation and materials testing.

MTS has complete rail testing application expertise:

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For evaluating rail joint fatigue, characterizing bogie deflection, testing the wheel-set-to-rail contact area, or validating the performance and/or durability of full-scale systems, you’ll find the products, services and support you need from MTS.

MTS standard offering is designed to save you time and money. You can purchase these easy-to-use control and measurement products individually or as a system. In addition you can configure them yourself to perform a variety of tests, ranging from single-axis static strength tests to multi-axial dynamic tests.