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Environmental Simulation Systems

ATT produces equipment in the field of environmental test chambers (temperature, humidity, corrosion, vibrations, etc.), stress screening systems, conditioned shelters used in telecommunications and space simulators.

ATT products find applications in many industries like

  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Militarye
  • Aeronautics and aerospace)
  • Plastic and rubber materials

Climatic & thermostatic test


ACS are proud to announce their newest and most innovative chamber series yet Discovery. This line of chambers has both thermostatic (temperature only) versions and climatic (temperature and humidity) versions.

Vibration tests


anyvib™ is a new family of climatic chambers that can be interfaced with many va ious types of shakers for vertical, horizontal and tri-axial vibrations.

Stress Screening test (ESS)


The “speedy” is a chamber series that can perform stress screening tests according to the main Standards in this field.

Halt & Hass


At Angelantoni we combined 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing environmental test chambers to provide a state of the art system capable to give to the user the best performance in the reliability growth process.

Corrosion test


The new approach to corrosion diagnostics (DCTC®) has overcome the traditional concept of “salt spray chambers”.

Thermal shock test


ACS thermal shock chambers stand out for their utmost flexibility.

Temperature test (Ovens)


Besides the traditional 90, 130 and 200 l. models, ACS offers now the new High Temperature Ovens of the Ghibli series.

High pressure & high humidity test


ACS has developed a range of standard HAST (Highly Accelerated Stress Testing) chambers with capacities ranging from 25 to 250 litres.

Modular Walk-in chambers
Without compromising our high standards of quality and reliability, we wanted to reduce delivery times to twelve weeks or less and avoid the costs of design and engineering normally associated with the customized walk-in chambers.

Tests on photovoltaic panels
ACS line of solar panel test chambers include 3 main models to perform all the main tests required by the International standards, 3 DH models dedicated to the Damp Heat Test and the UV3000 model for the UV radiation pre-treatment phase.

Vacuum test e space simulators
The complete range of vacuum test chambers developed by ACS can be divided into two categories: altitude chambers reaching depression levels of 100 Pascal (1 mbar) and space simulators which, artificially reproducing the real working conditions of satellites and spacecraft equipment, need to reach pressure values down to 10-8 mbar.

Walk-in chambers
Walk-in chambers have been developed for special applications, when the need of performing climatic tests on complex, sometimes huge equipment (cars, refrigerators, computers, telecommunication systems) arises.

Combined high performance test
Combined thermoclimatic and mechanical stress (vibration) tests are typically performed in sectors at the forefront of technological research.

Sand, Dust, Rain tests
During their life industrial products are exposed to several atmospherical agents in addition to the well known temperature, humidity and corrosion.

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