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Portable FFT analyzers

The SO Analyzer is the perfect choice for accurate and efficient noise and vibration measurements, third-party data import/export, data analysis and reporting of your results in a single package. It runs on a desktop PC or laptop and is designed for noise and vibration applications in the field, in the test laboratory and in the office.The SO Analyzer supports a wide range of measurement frontends  (VibPilot, USB, PCI, PXI, VXI) enabling applications from  4 to hundreds of input channels.

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Complete Solution for Noise and Vibration Measurement, Analysis and Reporting

Comprehensive Application Coverage

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A large number of measurement and analysis software options cover the widest range of applications in today’s dynamic signal analysis (DSA):

Software and hardware modularity allows you to tailor the SO Analyzer to your specific needs, meaning maximum
performance for minimum investment and a common user
interface across all applications. The e-Reporter is the powerful reporting tool of the SO Analyzer.