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Microphone Calibration System

G.R.A.S. 90CA Microphone Calibration System


Microphone Calibration in Four Easy Steps:

  • Microphone Registration
  • Level Calibration
  • Freqency Calibration
  • Print Calibration Certificate


  • Ready-to-use software and hardware
  • Accurate calibration hardware
  • Automated and computer-controlled calibration process
  • Highly reproducible calibration method
  • Pre-installed test parameters for G.R.A.S. microphones
  • Test conditions easily changable
  • Auto-generated, customized documentation to print and archive


  • All types of IEC 61094 standardized 1″, 1/2″, 1/4″, and 1/8″ measurement microphones from G.R.A.S. and other manufacturers
  • G.R.A.S. 46xx series microphone sets
  • G.R.A.S. 47xx series microphone sets (optional)
  • G.R.A.S. preamplifiers
  • Calibration up to 92 kHz (optional up to 200 kHz)