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ADAMS-(Acoustics Dynamics and Modal Systems), founded in 1995, Adams Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is an engineering company pioneering in the field of Noise Vibration and Durability & Environmental Simulation services. Adams is a dynamic source for creating test facilities and providing Test Based solutions for Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Power and other industries providing Test facilities, Vibration Test Systems, Servo Hydraulic Test Systems, Environmental Simulation facilities, Data Acquisition Units, Recorders, Analysers, Sensors etc.,

Our objective is to provide a one stop shop for all your requirements from Sensors, Data Acquisition to creating test facilities. We expand our horizon by co-developing new technology products, synergizing with our key customers, software partners and hardware suppliers.


Adams Engineering Projects Pvt. Ltd, Founded in 2009 (was formerly a division of Adams Technologies Pvt. Ltd) is an Engineering company pioneering in the field of Automotive Testing, Noise & Vibration and Durability Engineering. The company provides engineering services in the area of Vibration Testing in NVH analysis, calibration services. The company also provides test equipment and facilities for automotive applications for better product performances. We have grown manifolds in the last six years and expand ourselves by providing better testing solutions, new   technology products, synergising with key customers, software partners and hardware suppliers.

Adams   Engineering Projects has their own test facility base in Chennai and has purposeful offices in Chennai, Bangalore, New Delhi and Pune with service engineers and resident engineers in Ahmedabad and Vizag. The company is   armed with professionals of Electronics, Electricals and Mechanical background, who understands the test needs of the customers and provide quality services. They are well supported by the non-technical staffs.

Adams Engineering Projects has an undisputed edge over other service providers in the above area, by offering   competitive costs, quality service and competent delivery schedules.




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